The Vision

The Sacred Earth Vision is one of humanity thriving in a healthy natural environment.
We see a world in which humanity not only respects and guards nature, but co-creates and deeply communes with her, learning to attune to and work skillfully with the tides of the cosmos. A world in which human beings realize what they are, and therefor ‘walk in a sacred manner’.
The Sacred Earth Vision is about supporting the birthing of a new culture of healthy and natural living, of communities providing for their own food needs, and sharing or trading surplus. A vision of true healing, empowerment and liberation. Access to land makes this possible and Sacred Earth seeks to reveal and unlock the latent abundance that lies in greater cooperation and pooling of resources within groups and communities.
It is completely possible to create heaven on earth. It takes work, skill, knowledge, and maybe a little of God’s grace; but if you’re willing to do what it takes, success is inevitable.

The Objectives of the Sacred Earth Association are:

• To promote public awareness of ecological issues and to facilitate the implementation of ecological projects.
• To assist, guide, educate and enable people who want to shift to a more healthy, natural and ecologically integrated lifestyle.
• To promote organic and ecologically mindful farming through educational initiatives and the creation of working models of ecologically conscious culture.
• To facilitate cooperation and collaboration between people and groups aligned to the Sacred Earth objectives.